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Author Chuck D'Imperio is now available for speaking engagements in your area!

Chuck has spoken in front of hundreds of people around New York about his new book GREAT GRAVES OF UPSTATE NEW YORK and his audiences always respond with great enthusiasm.

A longtime, acclaimed radio broadcaster and a natural storyteller, Chuck vividly tells the tales of the great lives in his book, from Annie Edson Taylor going over Niagara Falls and surviving (the first to do so!) to the inspirational story of Ernie Davis (the first African-American to win football's Heisman Trophy Award) to the magnificent voice of Kate Smith, "The God Bless America Girl," to the "up from the bootstraps" story of George F. Johnson, Binghamton's "Shoemaker to the World," to the sentimental world of Grandma Moses' artwork, and many more (including "Old Bones" one of the longest shots at winning the Kentucky Derby {he did!}), all of these great American lives (and many more) make for a wonderful and unique presentation from this popular author.

Chuck appears in most Central New York area's for free, and for those more distant, for just the cost of traveling expenses.  His books, of course, are always available for sale after each talk.  Group after organization after historical society after community association have all agreed, "Chuck D'Imperio's talk about GREAT GRAVES OF UPSTATE NEW YORK was the best and most fascinating speech our group has had all year".

Email Chuck D'Imperio today at NewYorkGraves@aol.com about appearing before your group or organization.